Monday, June 6, 2016

True of False? Find out some facts and myths about teeth whitening.

Lately teeth whitening has become a fashion trend. Mostly because of the TV commercials, billboards, celebrities with dazzling white smiles - you just want one too. The process however can take some time and you'll probably have to try a bunch of products and procedures before you achieve that precious smile. You''ve probably heard and read a lot of information and many myths about teeth whitening, most of which are not true at all. Here are some of the most popular myths about teeth whitening:

  1. It's painful and damages the enamel - most of the procedures are painless and relatively harmless, as long as they are correctly applied and with the right proportions of the whitening product. 
  2. Teeth whiten exactly the same - each teeth reacts differently to the procedure - some immediately respond and become whiter, while others need more time. In general yellow teeth can be whiten more easily than the grey ones. Seals, dentures and crowns can be whiten just a little - if you have those you'll probably have to replace them with new ones in a whiter shade after you've done the whitening procedure. 
  3. Professional teeth whitening is more effective than the one done at home - both procedures give similar results, the difference is mainly in the cost and the time. The professional procedure can be done in a day, but is more expensive and a little more uncomfortable . The whitening at home takes longer, but with the proper products and perseverance the results are visible within a few weeks. 
  4. All products are the same - all teeth whitening products (pastes, gels, strips, mouthwashes) have different formula and their efficiency also varies. It's true that there're many products that promise whiter teeth after the first use but the reality is much more different and you'll have to use the product for at least a few weeks before you see any results. And of course, the price is also indicator - don't expect quick results from a product that costs just a few bucks.
  5. Home remedies work as well as profesional whitening - you've probably heard a lot about different home remedies for whiter teeth - baking soda, orange, peel, olive oil, etc. Some users have complete faith in them and post great videos on Youtube, pictures on Instagram, write articles. The reality is that there are no studies that can prove the effectiveness of these methods. But as long as these remedies don't hurt your teeth you can give them a try and find for yourself whether they work or not.

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